Wooden Initial Earrings

Introducing a new product from Tajirah…

I love wearing long dangling earrings. I think they look especially fashionable with natural hair and the bohemian (hippie) style.

Large dangling earrings on natural hairstyle

Large dangling earrings on natural hairstyle by nappyrutz.com

I noticed that after many years of wearing long and heavy earrings, my ear holes were stretching and not evenly in each ear. My daughter mentioned that she would have the surgery to close up her ear hole if it got too big so that she could continue to wear her large heavy earrings. I was like ummm, no thanks! I will just wear smaller lightweight earrings for a while. Eventually I believed my ear holes would close up somewhat. Wearing smaller earrings lasted approximately 3 weeks.

Then I came upon a store that sold wooden jewelry. Large dangling wooden earrings that had no weight to them! I purchased as many as I could. When I returned to purchase more, the store was gone!

wooden earrings

Now what?!

For some reason, I am quick to focus on personalized products (I will explain in another post). Someone had sent me an email of some wooden “B” earrings, that I intended on purchasing when I got around to it. So when I got around to purchasing the “B” earrings,  that site was gone. I figured if I had this problem, others may have a similar problem.

Introducing…..Wooden Initial Earrings!

natural wooden inital earrings

wooden initial earrings J

If you enjoy wearing lightweight, long dangling earrings and also like people guessing what your initial stands for, then click on over to www.woodeninitialearrings.com and check out the earrings. 

The 11th pair is free, new finishes regularly and free shipping on your first order!

I would love to hear your comments if you’ve had the same problem with heavy earrings. Since we are discussing earrings…do you feel naked when you forget to wear earrings? I have turned my car around on my way to work when I forgot my earrings!

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