Why do office cleaners only take out the trash?

imagesIn recent years, I’ve noticed that I have to supply my own cleaning supplies if I want a clean desk and office area. Every company that I have worked for employs a cleaning service that will come in after 5pm. The office cleaners are there promptly by 4:45pm, in uniform and waiting (actually texting) for the 8-5ers to leave. They appear to wait impatiently and they close the bathroom making it inconvenient for us to take the last bathroom break before heading home. Why do they always start in the bathroom? They only change the toilet paper and pour some blue soapy stuff in the toilet.  Every morning upon my arrival, the same dust is there on the window sill, computer screen, desktop, plastic plants, etc. The same crumbs, paper bits, dirt and sunflower seed shells (mine of course) are on the floor. My wastebasket has been emptied, thus the same sunflower seed shells on the floor. My time is precious, however the sunflower seeds are a distraction. They cause me not to be as productive in my job when I have to reach down and pick them up and put them in the wastebasket. The other day I found myself sweeping (no signs of a vacuum cleaner) the carpet because I was sick of seeing some leftover confetti from a party we had 6 months ago. The broom that was used came from a co-worker. Not sure why and when they brought a broom to work.

I remember when I was younger and would go to my moms place of employment, I would actually see the office cleaners clean. They had carts like the one above, with all kinds of cleaning supplies. She would move things off her desk so they could dust  and I would even hear a vacuum cleaner signaling it was time for mom to go home. The smell…awww so clean and fresh.

Surely office cleaners are not getting paid less than minimum wage. So why don’t they clean anymore?

Just curious…..

3 thoughts on “Why do office cleaners only take out the trash?

  1. This is so true. They don’t really clean anything, except for the bathrooms. I have to specifically ask for them to vacuum under my desk. I also have to dust and wipe down my desk whenever I want a cleaner work environment. They need to do better!

  2. I have found this to be true at my places of employment. We recently had a change in Upper, and Property Management. Upon inspecting the property, they noticed how unclean the building looked. The window sills were dirty, the front glass was dirty, the carpet was filthy, employees were always coughing, the bathrooms were disgusting. We were lucky if they took out the trash.
    I left one evening as usual, and noticed a different cleaning crew. When I returned to work the following day, everything was glistening, the familiar scent of Cleanliness was in the air. WOW! Before leaving for the day I complimented the cleaning crew, on a job well done.

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