The Tajirah Glass

I have loved Chanel perfumes for some time now. One Christmas my husband asked me what type of purse I wanted and naturally I asked for a Chanel (probably for lack of really knowing any designer bags). I never really thought much about carrying a designer purse with matching shoes. So for some years now, after watching me carry my personal belonging in backpacks, book of the month club bags  and free give-a-way bags, my husband has been purchasing my purses. When I opened the big box for Christmas, I was sure I received the black leather tufted, gold chain classic Chanel purse. I didn’t. I received a nice classically designed Coach bag. I was happy because it replaced the Dooney and Burke purse that was falling apart from overuse. I worked up the nerve to ask my husband (not that I wasn’t grateful for my Coach bag), what happened to the Chanel purse. My husband explained that when he went to the Chanel store, the least expensive item in the store was over $1500 and I probably would only be able to fit my driver license in it not the ton of junk I carry everyday.

sangria wine glass

Tajirah sangria wine glass

However, in the meantime, I designed a glass that reminds me of the classic look of Chanel. I call it The Tajirah Glass.

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