The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever


My mom loves the beach. As far back as I can remember we have always spent time at the beach. Mainly, because we have always lived near a large body of water. Mommy has always found time to visit the beach. Yes, my sisters and I call our mother, “Mommy”.  A few years ago, my sisters and I started a tradition of going to the beach every Mother’s Day.  Only the women and girls are allowed to attend. Our group now includes our daughters, nieces and granddaughters. If female members of our family or close friends are in town, they are invited to come. Every year our outing gets better as we look forward to the time spent with mom. 

We pack fruit,  healthy treats and of course some type of sweet treat. We stop by the local ice-cream shop and have cones, cups and gelatos.

Our beach bags reflect our love of reading. We always end up reading not the books we brought, but each others books. Everyone else’s book just seems a little more interesting than our own.

I am currently reading the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency Series by Alexander McCall Smith. I read the first book in paperback. For Christmas my children gave me a Kindle, so I have been downloading the other books in the series. I am sure my mom will end up with my Kindle instead of reading her own hardcover book. She read the first book in the series in paperback and has been using my Kindle to keep up. 

Gift Idea #1 – The next 3 books in the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency Series for mom.

We exchange cards and gifts. I’ve noticed that my daughter has already loaded up on the cards. I fell in love with this round Boho beach blanket.

B018QQGXU0Gift Idea #2 – Beach Blanket for sister, but I will probably keep it for myself.

We have candid conversations about our relationships, family, past and current events. The afternoon ends with hugs and kisses and wishing our time together at the beach could last just a little bit longer. Spending time with mom is the best Mother’s Day Gift any mom will cherish. Life is not promised  and it is too short to not take time to spend with the one person who will always love you unconditionally. I thank God for blessing me with a mother who loves spending time with her family a tad bit more than she loves the beach. 

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