Wooden Initial Earrings

Introducing a new product from Tajirah…

I love wearing long dangling earrings. I think they look especially fashionable with natural hair and the bohemian (hippie) style.

Large dangling earrings on natural hairstyle

Large dangling earrings on natural hairstyle by nappyrutz.com

I noticed that after many years of wearing long and heavy earrings, my ear holes were stretching and not evenly in each ear. My daughter mentioned that she would have the surgery to close up her ear hole if it got too big so that she could continue to wear her large heavy earrings. I was like ummm, no thanks! I will just wear smaller lightweight earrings for a while. Eventually I believed my ear holes would close up somewhat. Wearing smaller earrings lasted approximately 3 weeks.

Then I came upon a store that sold wooden jewelry. Large dangling wooden earrings that had no weight to them! I purchased as many as I could. When I returned to purchase more, the store was gone!

wooden earrings

Now what?!

For some reason, I am quick to focus on personalized products (I will explain in another post). Someone had sent me an email of some wooden “B” earrings, that I intended on purchasing when I got around to it. So when I got around to purchasing the “B” earrings,  that site was gone. I figured if I had this problem, others may have a similar problem.

Introducing…..Wooden Initial Earrings!

natural wooden inital earrings

wooden initial earrings J

If you enjoy wearing lightweight, long dangling earrings and also like people guessing what your initial stands for, then click on over to www.woodeninitialearrings.com and check out the earrings. 

The 11th pair is free, new finishes regularly and free shipping on your first order!

I would love to hear your comments if you’ve had the same problem with heavy earrings. Since we are discussing earrings…do you feel naked when you forget to wear earrings? I have turned my car around on my way to work when I forgot my earrings!

A Simple Technique For Single Women To Meet Men

I just recently had an “aha” moment. I found a very simple, easy way for women to meet men.

*Disclaimer: I am happily married and am not looking to meet anyone of the opposite sex.

I can almost guarantee this will work IF my single friends or other single women will try it. It is just so simple.  The great thing about this technique is it involves something that single women are probably already doing.

All my single ladies…All my single ladies…

This is so exciting…..

Here it is……

First you have to run out of a necessity such as toilet paper, toothpaste, dish soap or a necessary item that you just cannot make it through the day without. You have to realize you don’t have it at the last minute, like right before you have to use it. It has to be at an inconvenient time when you have to run out of the house totally focused on the item and not your appearance.

Example: The other day during my natural hair wash day, I remembered after twisting my hair  in about 10 fat, large Whoopi Goldberg, Color Purple twists so my hair could dry,  that I was out of vitamins (my necessity, because I am old). I realized the Health Food Store would be closing in 20 minutes. I have too much dignity and home training to leave the house in the pajamas I had on. So, I threw on whatever was convenient along with the baseball cap to cover my puffy twists. I was focused on the vitamins needed for my morning schedule and catching the store before it closed. After finding a close parking space, I opened the door, stepped out of my car and realized my pajamas actually would have looked better than what I had on.


Black and white print leggings (very loud print), a workout t-shirt that did not cover my jiggly butt and flip-flops with ashy feet. Luckily, my sunglasses were in the car. I quickly put them on thinking I can hide my whole body behind them. Once my sunglasses were on, I suddenly had the confidence to walk, I mean strut into the store like I had dressed to meet the president and the Mrs.

Once in the store, I could not find my vitamins. I walk up and down the aisles definitely not wanting to ask for help because I don’t remember if I had brushed my teeth or not. So Mr. Concerned About His Health Looking Like A Personal Trainer offered to assist me. I mumbled something to the effect that I was okay, to avoid any and all conversation. After fleeing to another aisle I run into Mr. I Know This Store Like The Back of My Hand who also offered to assist me. Thank God, I  was standing in front of what I needed. I thanked Mr. I KTSLT bOMH and quickly picked up my vitamins and left the store.

What I thought about was how many times this has happened to me. So I am assuming it has happened to women all the time. The same women who constantly say they cannot find men. When you are NOT trying to attract men with your appearance is when you will attract them. You are more approachable and real when your focus is not on finding a man. What happens when are not trying to be attractive? Someone finds you attractive.

This technique has to be spontaneous. You cant run out of toilet paper and toothpaste daily. When you run out of your necessity and run to the store at the last minute and Mr. I can help you attempts to help, don’t go into self conscious mode and try to hide, engage this man in conversation (unless you have run out of toothpaste). You may just meet your future partner while already looking like the day after.

Tell me what you think or if this technique helps you…..