Appliances made in the USA

So I wanted to juice some limes for a recipe that I was trying out. When I pressed the lime on the juicer all I  heard was the sound similar to a car trying to start when you’ve run out of gas (I am not the only one who knows that sound). I was like, what the hell? I was forced to take out my manual Ikea juicer that I bought because it was cute and because I couldn’t leave the Ikea store empty handed. I had to juice as many limes as my shoulder would allow. Okay, so I have run out of gas AND I have a rotator cup injury.

I don’t know about everyone else, but what is up with appliances that dont last. Broken Appliances

To name a few that I have had to replace:

toasters, coffee makers, juicers, blenders, garbage disposals, telephones, can openers – definitely the electric kind, but also the kind with the decorative handles, washing machines, dryers, vacuum cleaners, stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers…..the list can go on and on especially if you start including electronics. I think we all get it. I remember back in the day, some of these items were so heavy they could be used as weapons. Now you have to look in the box to see if the appliance is in there because the box is so lightweight.

My mom says its because the appliances of today are cheaply made. She mentioned made in China instead of the US. She also went on to mention that shoe soles are glued on instead of sewn on and can not be repaired by the “cobbler” anymore. I am like.. a what? Who can find those “cobbler” people anyway. We are talking about appliances not shoes….sorry Mom.

So what happened to all the appliances that would last our whole childhood and are still at mom’s or grandma’s house? Maybe Mom has something regarding American made products.  Have we lost our faith in products made in America because of the Auto Industry? Do we not want to pay more for appliances that are made well when we can just throw them out and buy new?

Maybe we don’t make small or large appliances in the US anymore? If we do, I will need all of the above appliances soon, but right now I need a new juicer.