My Daughter’s Godmother

Today I wrote this simple text to my daughter’s godmother: 

“I miss you”

Why did I write that?

Well it goes a little something like this……

I met my daughter’s godmother when I was 12 years old. We both started a new school the same year. Soon after meeting me, she claimed me as her best friend. Wow! I was a twelve year old silly, daydreaming idealist and she was more of a twelve year old serious realist. Although she was way more serious than myself, I knew how to bring the silly out of her. 


Flash forward 10 years….I am pregnant with my first child. There would be no other person who I would entrust my daughter’s raising if something were to happen to me. Thus she became my daughter’s Godmother. For the next 20+ years she would be the best Godmother anyone could ever ask for. Where I would not keep in touch, she took her role serious and always kept in touch with my daughter. 

Now my daughter is about to become a mom to a baby girl. My friend is almost as excited to become a Grand Godmother as I a Grandmother. Her husband said there is no such word as a Grand Godmother….yeah buddy there is and your wife made up her name as she is so great at doing. In all this excitement, my friend traveled from Illinois to Florida to attend my daughter’s baby shower. It was supposed to be a surprise, but my daughter figured it out. 

The last time I spent time with my friend was when her daughter was born and that was around 13 years ago. So you would think we would spend time catching up and reminiscing about our lives, but we didn’t.  It was weird but, when we got together, the years of time apart just melted away. It was very comforting just being in each other’s presence. So much has changed in our lives, but yet we were still the same when we were together. She stayed less than 48 hours.

It has been approximately 10 days, so today I sent her the text letting her know that I missed her. For the short period of time, I became the same 12 year old silly idealist that I truly am and she was the same 12 year old silly realist. I found that I had missed that part of myself and she was the one to bring it out.