Because I’m Happy…sorry if you’re not

Okay Happy People, I have come to the conclusion that you have a special gift from God. Why? Because The world is filled with our opposites- Unhappy People. People were created with the right to choose and unhappy people choose to be Unhappy. Hard to comprehend? Get this, unhappy people expect that by being around you, your happy spirit will somehow permeate their spirit and change them into happy people.

Sorry unhappy people, but happiness comes from within.thCA5OUXR7

Unhappy people are like:

  • When you smile – they frown and sometimes ask you why are you so happy (really?! but I think its because smiling is prettier than frowning)thCA6ORKWD
  • When you laugh – they say you are loud and annoying (sorry for you, laughing louder)
  • When you display acts of kindness – they take it as acts of weakness (its called empathy, Vigo the master of Evil)thCAIO4QAY
  • When you give – they take (all of your hope in the human race)

Why are people so miserable and why do they gravitate to our light? Because we’re happy? Because opposites attract? I don’t know and can’t dwell on it. I am too busy trying to stay true to my happiness. It takes strength, willpower and determination to remain a happy person. Remember if misery loves company then happiness loves company too. So find happy friends, family members and associates that when together it is a joyous occasion. Its easy to find happy people, just follow the smiles, giggles and random outbursts of laughing (not the crazy laughing, that’s a different topic).



What do you do to remain happy when you are surrounded by unhappy people? Leave a comment!