Rotisserie Chicken Is My Go To Food

As a working mom, trying to figure out what to cook for my family for dinner was one of the most stressful things for me. Everyone liked different things, except the youngest who ate everything. We had easy dishes like spaghetti, chili, sandwiches, breakfast for dinner and always pizza. A mother of 5 once suggested her go to meal which quickly became mine, a pound of roast beef from the deli, a package of brown gravy mix, boxed mashed potatoes and broccoli. It was not the healthiest meal, but it was quick and the family loved it.

Then there were basketball, baseball, softball, football, band practice and games, plays and a host of other events the children were involved in. Those events called for fast food dinners.  As the kids grew, they made fast food their staple. Hubby and I ate out all the time because I was never able to cook for just two people.

Fast forward to the almost empty nest when you have the one kid who lives in the backroom and is sometime mistaken for a piece of furniture. You guessed it! In my home, its the same kid who used to eat everything. Now, my dinners consist of anything I can put together with a Rotisserie chicken. My chicken comes from Publix preferably the barbeque or mojo and sometimes Athena’s Greek Restaurant which usually makes it home without the wings.


Publix Rotisserie Chicken

Publix Rotisserie Chicken

Not long ago, I learned from a Jamaican friend of the family how to make jerk chicken with rotisserie chicken. When I tried the jerk chicken my rotisserie chicken menu expanded like Kim Kardashian’s booty. I made rotisserie chicken my go to food.  I make chicken enchiladas, chicken tacos and chicken chili. I make chicken spaghetti, chicken salad and of course chicken soup for anyone who needs something to make them feel better. Ask me when was the last time I bought raw chicken for any of these meals, better yet don’t bother because I don’t know.  

P.S. I have even learned to buy wings and recook them with my choice of flavor.

What is your go to food or what do you use rotisserie chicken for?


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