10 Reasons That Keep Me Patriotic

My earliest memory of Independence Day was being outside in our LA neighborhood twirling sparkling sticks in front of our home. I remember most of our neighbors would light firecrackers and fireworks in front of their homes with their families. Any neighbor was welcome to watch and enjoy their neighbor’s firework displays. child with sparkler

 It seems we were more patriotic back then. In school, we actually learned patriotism and the true meaning of being an American. We also learned in school, in music class mind you, patriotic songs such as these: http://www.usa-flag-site.org/song-lyrics. I think we only learned the first verse in school or maybe that was all I learned.

Then at some point, being patriotic became un-cool. We complain, rebel and negate everything American, but yet many of us know no other way of life. Everyone has their own reasons as to why they are not patriotic. Some may be valid. However, if you ever feel that you have lost your patriotism or on the verge of losing it, let a non American born individual start complaining to you how terrible America is. Watch how quickly you change from being understanding to being downright insulted. How dare they talk about the country of your birth all the while taking full advantage of your land of opportunity.

Here are my 10 reasons that keep me patriotic:


Democracy – the power to vote


Capitalism – opportunity to create wealth


Clean drinking water – necessary for life


Electricity – ability to live comfortably


Food – no one in America has to starve


Public Education – opportunity to learn whatever you want


National Highways – opportunity to travel the entire USA


FAA – travel the world safely


FEMA – support if there is a natural disaster


National Parks – enjoyment of nature


* Honorable mention – grilled hot dogs, grilled hamburgers and apple pie with ice cream!


Happy 4th of July!

Independence Day

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My Mom is the Best Mother in the World


 Mother’s Day is fast approaching and for the best mom in the world,  I am at a loss as to what to give her. Flowers are nice, but really? Jewelry? At this time in my mom’s life she has all the jewelry she wants. Clothing? Same as jewelry. Perfume …nah.

What do you give your mom when she has everything and has been everything to you?

I can tell her how grateful I am and how much I love her.






 I can let the world know what my mom did for me to make me the person that I am.

My mom taught me values, self-love and respect,  right from wrong, the love of God, the love of family.

My mom taught me  the importance of being a child and allowed me the opportunity to play and pretend.

She taught me the love of reading and learning


by example, my mom taught me how to be a mom.

Most important, my mom introduced me to my first love and the importance of sleeping in on the weekends ……cause Moms need their rest!




There is one thing that I can give her that she will cherish and she never seems to get enough of. 


Time becomes very valuable when Mom is older. So this Mother’s Day, for the best mom in the world, I will give my Mom, my time!

Now it’s your turn.

Share why your mom is the best mom in the world and what gift you plan to give.

wooden initial earring

M is for Mom

Rotisserie Chicken Is My Go To Food

As a working mom, trying to figure out what to cook for my family for dinner was one of the most stressful things for me. Everyone liked different things, except the youngest who ate everything. We had easy dishes like spaghetti, chili, sandwiches, breakfast for dinner and always pizza. A mother of 5 once suggested her go to meal which quickly became mine, a pound of roast beef from the deli, a package of brown gravy mix, boxed mashed potatoes and broccoli. It was not the healthiest meal, but it was quick and the family loved it.

Then there were basketball, baseball, softball, football, band practice and games, plays and a host of other events the children were involved in. Those events called for fast food dinners.  As the kids grew, they made fast food their staple. Hubby and I ate out all the time because I was never able to cook for just two people.

Fast forward to the almost empty nest when you have the one kid who lives in the backroom and is sometime mistaken for a piece of furniture. You guessed it! In my home, its the same kid who used to eat everything. Now, my dinners consist of anything I can put together with a Rotisserie chicken. My chicken comes from Publix preferably the barbeque or mojo and sometimes Athena’s Greek Restaurant which usually makes it home without the wings.


Publix Rotisserie Chicken

Publix Rotisserie Chicken

Not long ago, I learned from a Jamaican friend of the family how to make jerk chicken with rotisserie chicken. When I tried the jerk chicken my rotisserie chicken menu expanded like Kim Kardashian’s booty. I made rotisserie chicken my go to food.  I make chicken enchiladas, chicken tacos and chicken chili. I make chicken spaghetti, chicken salad and of course chicken soup for anyone who needs something to make them feel better. Ask me when was the last time I bought raw chicken for any of these meals, better yet don’t bother because I don’t know.  

P.S. I have even learned to buy wings and recook them with my choice of flavor.

What is your go to food or what do you use rotisserie chicken for?


Wooden Initial Earrings

Introducing a new product from Tajirah…

I love wearing long dangling earrings. I think they look especially fashionable with natural hair and the bohemian (hippie) style.

Large dangling earrings on natural hairstyle

Large dangling earrings on natural hairstyle by nappyrutz.com

I noticed that after many years of wearing long and heavy earrings, my ear holes were stretching and not evenly in each ear. My daughter mentioned that she would have the surgery to close up her ear hole if it got too big so that she could continue to wear her large heavy earrings. I was like ummm, no thanks! I will just wear smaller lightweight earrings for a while. Eventually I believed my ear holes would close up somewhat. Wearing smaller earrings lasted approximately 3 weeks.

Then I came upon a store that sold wooden jewelry. Large dangling wooden earrings that had no weight to them! I purchased as many as I could. When I returned to purchase more, the store was gone!

wooden earrings

Now what?!

For some reason, I am quick to focus on personalized products (I will explain in another post). Someone had sent me an email of some wooden “B” earrings, that I intended on purchasing when I got around to it. So when I got around to purchasing the “B” earrings,  that site was gone. I figured if I had this problem, others may have a similar problem.

Introducing…..Wooden Initial Earrings!

natural wooden inital earrings

wooden initial earrings J

If you enjoy wearing lightweight, long dangling earrings and also like people guessing what your initial stands for, then click on over to www.woodeninitialearrings.com and check out the earrings. 

The 11th pair is free, new finishes regularly and free shipping on your first order!

I would love to hear your comments if you’ve had the same problem with heavy earrings. Since we are discussing earrings…do you feel naked when you forget to wear earrings? I have turned my car around on my way to work when I forgot my earrings!

Confession: My Personal Love Affair

February is the month for love and I am bearing my soul…..

Dear Love of My Life,

I was very young when I first experienced your magnetism. You were calming, cool to the touch and the color of wheat. I felt so mature having you at such a young age.

From that first moment of pleasure, your essence has flowed through my veins and settled in my heart. My heart aches for you when my lips do not feel your touch and warmth, first thing in the morning.

Your scent stirs every wonderful desire and happy emotion in my body.

Your warmth tingles every part of my body from my lips to the pit of my stomach.

For years I’ve tasted your deliciousness, BUT recently, Starbucks took you to a “whole nutha level” with their Flat White made with steamed soy milk.

Starbucks Flat White

Coffee I Love You

Dear Coffee I love you


Tajirah aka Bahiyyah