My Mom is the Best Mother in the World


 Mother’s Day is fast approaching and for the best mom in the world,  I am at a loss as to what to give her. Flowers are nice, but really? Jewelry? At this time in my mom’s life she has all the jewelry she wants. Clothing? Same as jewelry. Perfume …nah.

What do you give your mom when she has everything and has been everything to you?

I can tell her how grateful I am and how much I love her.






 I can let the world know what my mom did for me to make me the person that I am.

My mom taught me values, self-love and respect,  right from wrong, the love of God, the love of family.

My mom taught me  the importance of being a child and allowed me the opportunity to play and pretend.

She taught me the love of reading and learning


by example, my mom taught me how to be a mom.

Most important, my mom introduced me to my first love and the importance of sleeping in on the weekends ……cause Moms need their rest!




There is one thing that I can give her that she will cherish and she never seems to get enough of. 


Time becomes very valuable when Mom is older. So this Mother’s Day, for the best mom in the world, I will give my Mom, my time!

Now it’s your turn.

Share why your mom is the best mom in the world and what gift you plan to give.

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