Does it really matter what we wear to bed?


One of my personal goals of 2013 was to wear the nice lingerie that I have in my drawer. I think I wore a couple of things in January and then went back to the old comfortable pajama pants and t-shirts.


Do they make sexy lingerie for the winter months? My teddies and lace are just not comfortable after being out in the cold. I swear I tried to heat up the bedroom, by looking sexy, but I was too cold. So as usual I chose warmth, comfort and sleep. I know I was not being considerate of my husband, but I will in the future…when it is warm outside, I promise.

What do you think?

One thought on “Does it really matter what we wear to bed?

  1. Controlled by women 100%. So, it does not matter to a woman. A man however, really does care what their woman wears to bed. It will either be a turn on or a turn off.

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