Confession: My Personal Love Affair

February is the month for love and I am bearing my soul…..

Dear Love of My Life,

I was very young when I first experienced your magnetism. You were calming, cool to the touch and the color of wheat. I felt so mature having you at such a young age.

From that first moment of pleasure, your essence has flowed through my veins and settled in my heart. My heart aches for you when my lips do not feel your touch and warmth, first thing in the morning.

Your scent stirs every wonderful desire and happy emotion in my body.

Your warmth tingles every part of my body from my lips to the pit of my stomach.

For years I’ve tasted your deliciousness, BUT recently, Starbucks took you to a “whole nutha level” with their Flat White made with steamed soy milk.

Starbucks Flat White

Coffee I Love You

Dear Coffee I love you


Tajirah aka Bahiyyah

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