The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever


My mom loves the beach. As far back as I can remember we have always spent time at the beach. Mainly, because we have always lived near a large body of water. Mommy has always found time to visit the beach. Yes, my sisters and I call our mother, “Mommy”.  A few years ago, my sisters and I started a tradition of going to the beach every Mother’s Day.  Only the women and girls are allowed to attend. Our group now includes our daughters, nieces and granddaughters. If female members of our family or close friends are in town, they are invited to come. Every year our outing gets better as we look forward to the time spent with mom. 

We pack fruit,  healthy treats and of course some type of sweet treat. We stop by the local ice-cream shop and have cones, cups and gelatos.

Our beach bags reflect our love of reading. We always end up reading not the books we brought, but each others books. Everyone else’s book just seems a little more interesting than our own.

I am currently reading the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency Series by Alexander McCall Smith. I read the first book in paperback. For Christmas my children gave me a Kindle, so I have been downloading the other books in the series. I am sure my mom will end up with my Kindle instead of reading her own hardcover book. She read the first book in the series in paperback and has been using my Kindle to keep up. 

Gift Idea #1 – The next 3 books in the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency Series for mom.

We exchange cards and gifts. I’ve noticed that my daughter has already loaded up on the cards. I fell in love with this round Boho beach blanket.

B018QQGXU0Gift Idea #2 – Beach Blanket for sister, but I will probably keep it for myself.

We have candid conversations about our relationships, family, past and current events. The afternoon ends with hugs and kisses and wishing our time together at the beach could last just a little bit longer. Spending time with mom is the best Mother’s Day Gift any mom will cherish. Life is not promised  and it is too short to not take time to spend with the one person who will always love you unconditionally. I thank God for blessing me with a mother who loves spending time with her family a tad bit more than she loves the beach. 

My Daughter’s Godmother

Today I wrote this simple text to my daughter’s godmother: 

“I miss you”

Why did I write that?

Well it goes a little something like this……

I met my daughter’s godmother when I was 12 years old. We both started a new school the same year. Soon after meeting me, she claimed me as her best friend. Wow! I was a twelve year old silly, daydreaming idealist and she was more of a twelve year old serious realist. Although she was way more serious than myself, I knew how to bring the silly out of her. 


Flash forward 10 years….I am pregnant with my first child. There would be no other person who I would entrust my daughter’s raising if something were to happen to me. Thus she became my daughter’s Godmother. For the next 20+ years she would be the best Godmother anyone could ever ask for. Where I would not keep in touch, she took her role serious and always kept in touch with my daughter. 

Now my daughter is about to become a mom to a baby girl. My friend is almost as excited to become a Grand Godmother as I a Grandmother. Her husband said there is no such word as a Grand Godmother….yeah buddy there is and your wife made up her name as she is so great at doing. In all this excitement, my friend traveled from Illinois to Florida to attend my daughter’s baby shower. It was supposed to be a surprise, but my daughter figured it out. 

The last time I spent time with my friend was when her daughter was born and that was around 13 years ago. So you would think we would spend time catching up and reminiscing about our lives, but we didn’t.  It was weird but, when we got together, the years of time apart just melted away. It was very comforting just being in each other’s presence. So much has changed in our lives, but yet we were still the same when we were together. She stayed less than 48 hours.

It has been approximately 10 days, so today I sent her the text letting her know that I missed her. For the short period of time, I became the same 12 year old silly idealist that I truly am and she was the same 12 year old silly realist. I found that I had missed that part of myself and she was the one to bring it out. 


Because I’m Happy…sorry if you’re not

Okay Happy People, I have come to the conclusion that you have a special gift from God. Why? Because The world is filled with our opposites- Unhappy People. People were created with the right to choose and unhappy people choose to be Unhappy. Hard to comprehend? Get this, unhappy people expect that by being around you, your happy spirit will somehow permeate their spirit and change them into happy people.

Sorry unhappy people, but happiness comes from within.thCA5OUXR7

Unhappy people are like:

  • When you smile – they frown and sometimes ask you why are you so happy (really?! but I think its because smiling is prettier than frowning)thCA6ORKWD
  • When you laugh – they say you are loud and annoying (sorry for you, laughing louder)
  • When you display acts of kindness – they take it as acts of weakness (its called empathy, Vigo the master of Evil)thCAIO4QAY
  • When you give – they take (all of your hope in the human race)

Why are people so miserable and why do they gravitate to our light? Because we’re happy? Because opposites attract? I don’t know and can’t dwell on it. I am too busy trying to stay true to my happiness. It takes strength, willpower and determination to remain a happy person. Remember if misery loves company then happiness loves company too. So find happy friends, family members and associates that when together it is a joyous occasion. Its easy to find happy people, just follow the smiles, giggles and random outbursts of laughing (not the crazy laughing, that’s a different topic).



What do you do to remain happy when you are surrounded by unhappy people? Leave a comment!

10 Reasons That Keep Me Patriotic

My earliest memory of Independence Day was being outside in our LA neighborhood twirling sparkling sticks in front of our home. I remember most of our neighbors would light firecrackers and fireworks in front of their homes with their families. Any neighbor was welcome to watch and enjoy their neighbor’s firework displays. child with sparkler

 It seems we were more patriotic back then. In school, we actually learned patriotism and the true meaning of being an American. We also learned in school, in music class mind you, patriotic songs such as these: I think we only learned the first verse in school or maybe that was all I learned.

Then at some point, being patriotic became un-cool. We complain, rebel and negate everything American, but yet many of us know no other way of life. Everyone has their own reasons as to why they are not patriotic. Some may be valid. However, if you ever feel that you have lost your patriotism or on the verge of losing it, let a non American born individual start complaining to you how terrible America is. Watch how quickly you change from being understanding to being downright insulted. How dare they talk about the country of your birth all the while taking full advantage of your land of opportunity.

Here are my 10 reasons that keep me patriotic:


Democracy – the power to vote


Capitalism – opportunity to create wealth


Clean drinking water – necessary for life


Electricity – ability to live comfortably


Food – no one in America has to starve


Public Education – opportunity to learn whatever you want


National Highways – opportunity to travel the entire USA


FAA – travel the world safely


FEMA – support if there is a natural disaster


National Parks – enjoyment of nature


* Honorable mention – grilled hot dogs, grilled hamburgers and apple pie with ice cream!


Happy 4th of July!

Independence Day

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My Mom is the Best Mother in the World


 Mother’s Day is fast approaching and for the best mom in the world,  I am at a loss as to what to give her. Flowers are nice, but really? Jewelry? At this time in my mom’s life she has all the jewelry she wants. Clothing? Same as jewelry. Perfume …nah.

What do you give your mom when she has everything and has been everything to you?

I can tell her how grateful I am and how much I love her.






 I can let the world know what my mom did for me to make me the person that I am.

My mom taught me values, self-love and respect,  right from wrong, the love of God, the love of family.

My mom taught me  the importance of being a child and allowed me the opportunity to play and pretend.

She taught me the love of reading and learning


by example, my mom taught me how to be a mom.

Most important, my mom introduced me to my first love and the importance of sleeping in on the weekends ……cause Moms need their rest!




There is one thing that I can give her that she will cherish and she never seems to get enough of. 


Time becomes very valuable when Mom is older. So this Mother’s Day, for the best mom in the world, I will give my Mom, my time!

Now it’s your turn.

Share why your mom is the best mom in the world and what gift you plan to give.

wooden initial earring

M is for Mom