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My name is Bahiyyah, but the first name given to me was Tahirah, which means pure in Arabic. Unfortunately, Tahirah was not an available domain name so I changed the spelling to Tajirah.

I am a free spirited woman who loves sunshine and laughter. I have always lived near large bodies of water and can’t imagine not being within driving distance to a beach. I like most things natural and most people who are down-to-earth, in other words, people who are free from hang-ups.  I absolutely love and adore my family.

In March of 2013, seated around a bouquet of flowers (the one on this page), a group of my girlfriends  got together for brunch. We played games, we drank mint juleps (first time I made them) and we laughed.  Then we laughed some more (may have been the mint juleps kicking in) as we watched a comedy show. We had worked together for years, but rarely got together outside of work. We come from different backgrounds and have different opinions and perspectives on most all topics. In our varied positions and different lives we found that we shared the following:

1- Family- we put our families first in all that we do.

2- Food- everything centers around something edible or drinkable.

3- Unique Items- I am always creating things or finding items that will make someone happy.

4 – Uplifting words, encouragement, support and laughter…especially laughter.

So to sum up,  its displaying and promoting products that are unique, fun and creative – recipes to enjoy and compliment the products, and a whole bouquet of words to uplift, encourage, support and make you laugh.

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Bahiyyah AKA Tahirah NKA Tajirah ( NKA -now known as)

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