10 Reasons That Keep Me Patriotic

My earliest memory of Independence Day was being outside in our LA neighborhood twirling sparkling sticks in front of our home. I remember most of our neighbors would light firecrackers and fireworks in front of their homes with their families. Any neighbor was welcome to watch and enjoy their neighbor’s firework displays. child with sparkler

 It seems we were more patriotic back then. In school, we actually learned patriotism and the true meaning of being an American. We also learned in school, in music class mind you, patriotic songs such as these: http://www.usa-flag-site.org/song-lyrics. I think we only learned the first verse in school or maybe that was all I learned.

Then at some point, being patriotic became un-cool. We complain, rebel and negate everything American, but yet many of us know no other way of life. Everyone has their own reasons as to why they are not patriotic. Some may be valid. However, if you ever feel that you have lost your patriotism or on the verge of losing it, let a non American born individual start complaining to you how terrible America is. Watch how quickly you change from being understanding to being downright insulted. How dare they talk about the country of your birth all the while taking full advantage of your land of opportunity.

Here are my 10 reasons that keep me patriotic:


Democracy – the power to vote


Capitalism – opportunity to create wealth


Clean drinking water – necessary for life


Electricity – ability to live comfortably


Food – no one in America has to starve


Public Education – opportunity to learn whatever you want


National Highways – opportunity to travel the entire USA


FAA – travel the world safely


FEMA – support if there is a natural disaster


National Parks – enjoyment of nature


* Honorable mention – grilled hot dogs, grilled hamburgers and apple pie with ice cream!


Happy 4th of July!

Independence Day

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